From the drug smugglers of Columbia to the shipyards of North Korea, and from the shores of the free world to the tomb of an Egyptian princess, the chase for freedom is on.

The Tear of Ra

Over 50 and retired, Brad Rominger was having a nice calm life when – without warning – 9/11 happened. Suddenly Brad found himself back into all that he left—becoming a “spy for hire” for the CIA’s newly-formed organization committed to assassinating terrorists.

Shortly after Brad’s return to duty, the CIA learns of a new attack being devised against the US mainland—rumored to be even bigger and more destructive than 9/11. But no one has any leads or information to act on. At least not until Brad and his girlfriend, Katrina, hire a high-priced call girl to gain information from a potential terrorist. Soon they’re in possession of a valuable clue involving a stone called the Tear of Ra.

During their exhilarating journey for answers, Brad and his team pursue the Tear of Ra across Egypt, willfully trying to encroach on the terrorists, as clues rapidly unfold to reveal plans for the most destructive attacks ever against the United States.

In Marion Mathis’s debut thriller, The Tear of Ra, The Second Coming of 9/11: A Brad Rominger Mystery, the clock ticks down to New Year’s Eve as Brad’s team tries to prevent several attacks on the United States. And as if terrorism wasn’t enough of a challenge, Brad is also fighting for the love of his life, a woman who’s fight for her family’s safety keeps her at bay.

Will Brad win the fight for his country and his fight for true love? Or will the Tear of Ra tear his world, and his life, apart?